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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

I now have some kitten photos online, if anyone would like to see those. Here's the URL:

Kitten Photos

We are still having beautiful weather, very mild, sunny...but getting warmer day by day. I wasn't able to ride in the park this morning, since a church daycare had a swarm of kids there. I cycled on the streets, but didn't ride as far as usual. My back is weak from doing so much lifting yesterday, rearranging a bunch of stuff outdoors in the backyard and on the cats' porch.

I recently read a very good novel, "Hit Man" by Lawrence Block. Try it, you'll like it!

I also watched a part of the series, "Evolution" on PBS last night about extinction. It was fascinating, and very thought-provoking. Made you wonder if humans aren't creating our own extinction!

Not much else to report. As usual the news is full of dire terrorism warnings --> Cried Chicken Little, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!" In my opinion, the next terrorist act will occur exactly like the last one did -- without any authority having a clue as how to prevent it. All the money, etc. spent on security for something as random as terrorism just MIGHT be a waste of funds.

Anyone who is NOT religious might want to read this excellent essay on:

The Meaning of Life

However, I rather take exception to the author's idea that 'raising good kids' is the main aim of life. Frankly, there's too many humans on the planet NOW, so NOT having kids is more of a contribution than having them, in my opinion. I do agree with the rest of the essay though.

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