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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rainy Day Thoughts

Not that all day has been rainy, but with intermittent rain showers and occasional burst burst of sunshine, it was mostly a day to stay indoors. Good for reflection and writing. Which I did earlier, but wanted to end the day with an updated blog post.

When I hear of others taking a vacation I feel somewhat sorry for them. Why? Because honestly my life has become an every day vacation...nothing that I can truly complain about. I do what I want when I want; I am financially secure, saving money; I am healthy (at least right now) and able to take care of my house, my yard, and, most importantly, my critters. I don't have to work, nor do I have to have a lot of forced involvement with others, including family. For me, this is HAPPINESS. I have no need to take a vacation and "get away from it all."

However, I am absolutely certain that at any moment anything unexpected can happen; I know from brutal experience how quickly life can turn into a nightmare. Therefore, I never take today, each moment, for granted; rather, I appreciate it all abundantly. If humans could only be happy today, this very moment, and realize that no matter how much they plan, the unexpected, unpredictable DOES happen, they'd live more fully in the moment and let their perilous plans fall by the wayside.

As for my life, I've been living as I always do lately: joyfully in the moment. I wish I could say this kind of life could be attainable with a lot of human interaction, but honestly, it's not. Human interaction brings about friction, anxiety, disagreement, misery and many times, violence and death. Only in solitude can the peace we all seek be found.

And now I'll end with this photo I took in early spring of my backyard trees:


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