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Monday, May 10, 2010

How my garden grows

I've encountered some problems with the small corner areas of the fenced yard for gardening space. Mostly I've discovered it doesn't get enough sun, but I've cut back tree limbs so that at least there's several hours of sunlight daily.

Of course, the garden plots are very small -- which means these veggies are probably just to have fresh vegetables during the summer, not for storing in a freezer or canning. I could buy a small chest freezer, but will not make that decision until I see how much these small spaces produce.

Here's some photos I took yesterday of my gardening. (Click to enlarge)

For perspective, this is the backyard and my gardening spaces are at both far corners with small sections beside the fencing.

In the left corner, I have green bush beans, purple-hull peas, large tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and sweet pepper, okra -- and one yellow squash plant. The bush green beans, purple-hull peas and okra are shown in this picture.

In the right corner I have lettuce and Swiss Chard. The lettuce is in the center; the chard on the outer perimeter. Yesterday I also planted a small spot of turnip greens and several Lima bean plants.

Small spot beside fence with cherry tomato plants

Several cucumber plants beside the fence

Patty-pan squash plants beside the fence

White grape vine I planted between two trees. Plan is to put something between the trees for the vine to run, once it outgrows the cage I have around it now. Maybe I can get enough grapes one day to try my hand at home-made wine again!

And now, here is a picture of the beach at Dauphin Island Alabama. This island is 3 miles off the coast of Alabama, and these two photos show some of the oil coming ashore. I found these on a forum discussing the topic, and the poster lives there...but gave permission to repost them. There is apparently more than just tar balls coming ashore, also fine oil particles in the ocean waves washing in and mixing with the sand.

Small dark oil particles mixing with fine white sand

Tar ball the media is reporting

Such an unfolding environmental tragedy, with no end in sight.

Till next time...

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