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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Orange tabby cat

Lately, a neighborhood cat has taken to following me around. I assume it is owned by someone, although the cat eats at my stray cat feeder. However, she is very lovable, enjoys being petted, obviously tame. In other words, she is not feral like some of the strays in the neighborhood.

I've started calling her GoldieLocks...or Goldie as a nickname. After the dogs retire to their crates for the night, I allow her inside my fenced backyard to follow me around, sometimes sit in my lap while I'm on the deck/porch.

Here's a couple pictures:

Sitting on the patio

On the back steps leading off the sun porch where two my cats live. Slinky made her displeasure known by warning yowls and hisses -- she definitely does not want another cat, since she's had to battle Bitty Kitty for equal rights!

The tragedy in the Gulf is truly heart-breaking. I don't know if I can bear to look at the oil-drenched birds sure to appear on the news soon as that oil hits the wildlife all along the coast. What a horrible, horrible eco-disaster, makes me sick and depressed about the future of human beings. We have such a way of fouling our own nests -- probably at some point in time creating our own extinction. Sad.

Friday I liberated myself from something - which I don't want to discuss. Just wanted to make this note for myself to remember when I need to reference the date: April 30, 2010.

Another stormy day predicted, overcast and heavy humidity. The 'feeling' outside is a prelude to tornadoes, hope none do any damage.

And with that, I'm outta here for today.

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