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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Garden Photos...Again!

I'd love to say I'm bored, but in fact, I'm in a nice lull after the high misadventures lately. My damaged car is once again in the carport, no sign it underwent a front-end makeover. I've recovered somewhat from the two wrecks, but still not as comfortable driving as I was previously. Hopefully time will cure that, so I'm trying to adjust.

Of course, with gas prices heading north again, it's a good time NOT to do any unnecessary driving. I'm catching up on watching good movies with a free Netflix month trial, reading some excellent novels...and of course, gardening.

Before I post the photos, I do want to make note of something here just as a reference for myself. A week ago I walked from the far north end of the city to the southeast, where I live. I returned the Enterprise rental car, and though they offered to drive me home, I just decided to walk.

Our town was once walkable, and still is within the main old-town section. Sidewalks, huge shady trees, very pleasant. Enterprise was located off a major highway though, and had I not known the back-way onto two-lanes, a short cut to old town, I couldn't have ever tackled that busy four-lane. Fortunately for me, I know all the off-streets, and managed just fine.

I consider it quite a feat, walking ten miles at one time, and NOT resting, not even getting winded. I guess that means all the long walks with my dogs (and I went twice today) has benefited my walking stamina! I'm just surprised my back and knees held out as well as they did. Of course, I was wearing my expensive walking shoes.

At any rate, I was proud of myself. At least I know if I get stranded somewhere, I can just set off walking...and eventually I'll find assistance. I wonder how many sedentary Americans couldn't even make it home from their workplace if a disaster ceased transportation? A fair amount, I would wager.

Without further ado, here's the photos. (Click on photos for large picture.)

This was made after a heavy rain shower. The corn has been having issues about falling over, and I worked on that twice but once we got this rain, I went out and finally got mud packed around the stalks. Don't know if the squash and green beans are visible, but they're all up and thriving between the corn plants.

My small patch beside the carport, cherry tomatoes becoming monsters!

Cucumber plant in corner of fenced yard

L to R: zucchini, yellow crookneck and patty pan squash in another corner of yard (Making use of space!)

Fig tree in front of my house

Scuppernog vine planted this summer

And with that, I'm outta here!


Brenda said...

What a garden! And you walked TEN miles??? You GO, girl! :)

reviewland said...

are you a vegetarian ?

Cara said...

Yes, I'm a vegetarian. This July will be an entire year of eating vegetarian; however, I haven't eaten red meat of any kind for over 5 years.