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Friday, June 26, 2009

First small harvest photo

Though we need rain desperately, I still got a few gems today out of the large garden. I've been watering it every evening with the hose, and that's helped; at least the grass hasn't grown anymore!

Anyway, just a brief update to post this photo of what I got out of my garden today:

Two ears of corn, a zucchini, cucumber and small tomato (which needs to ripen a bit more in my kitchen window)

Though it's scant pickings right now, I do intend to start gathering corn late this afternoon. Some of it is ready, some not yet. I will blanch the corn on the cob, then freeze for later meals.

My smaller garden is thriving, but still no ripe cherry tomatoes! A couple of the tomato plants are at least 6 feet tall, no joke. Loaded with cherry tomatoes, yet none are ripe...yet.

I don't think there will be an abundant supply in the larger garden, due to so much rain this spring, and then this awful heat and dry spell. However, I do have cantaloupes up, a few watermelon plants, as well as some gourds I planted for fall decorative purposes. The okra is thriving, after I sprayed it with Sven spray; the cut worms were destroying the tender plants. Of course, zucchini is always prolific, and I did see a few small crook-neck yellow squash today, so I'm sure there will be plenty for fresh food. Just don't know how much I'll be able to preserve for the winter.

Live and learn, that's the motto when it comes to gardening. Next year I'll remember what I've learned this year, IF I am still physically able to have a garden then. I have to be very careful with my back, due to the herniated discs; however, my arthritis has improved, nearly disappeared with this hot weather. Definitely a good thing in summer.

Regarding my last post, and aging... I found an article via a blog: "Time Goes By - What it's really like to get old" and was impressed by the 90-year-old Rabbi Haberman's 6 reasons to grow old. My favorite was this: He’s learned “the art of submission.” Americans are activists by nature, but “more happens to us than we cause to happen,” he has found. “You have to accept the unalterable.”

Maybe it's inappropriate, but let me just say: AMEN! People are sometimes just plain silly in their attempt to "control life events" -- but when you're younger, you just don't get it! I'd say those past 50, who are insightful, have realized this -- or at least I know I have. I actually think I always knew this as a writer, but as life events happen randomly and chaotically, the truth of that hits home like a sledgehammer.

Try to remember that when you are being "controlling" and/or fretting over the small stuff that, in the long run, just makes YOU miserable.

Click HEREto read the full article.

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