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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How My Garden Grows

May 20

I've just returned from taking the dogs on a long walk at the lakeside park. Recently another section was opened, and the gravel path winds through a wooded area with a small creek. The dogs loved it, sniffing all the new woodsy scents, standing on the creek bank, running in the grass. And the weather today is perfection: about 70 degrees, sunny, not a cloud in the endless blue sky, a light wind. Couldn't resist going to the park, had a wonderful time.

I learned I'll be able to keep the rental car until my car is repaired -- about another week and half. Sure glad I took the option of a rental on my car insurance!

Yesterday afternoon Sherry, Wendell and myself worked in the garden again. We worked several hours Monday as well. With all the torrential rain, it's been near impossible to keep the weeds beaten down. After a few rounds with the tiller, some serious hoeing, weeding, the corn at least looks better. Sherry planted squash and green pole beans beside the corn, which is an old Indian method of gardening. I planted some beets and carrots in a small patch too. We're waiting just a bit longer before planing okra.

May 21

I got interrupted yesterday, never returned to the computer. Today looked bright and sunny earlier, but by afternoon, it's cloudy with a light wind. I hope it doesn't rain/storm before I can take the dogs on a walk.

I'm cooking a big batch of veggie soup -- using all fresh vegetables: celery, carrots, cabbage, sweet corn, green pepper, squash and one small green onion. I'll add some tomato juice after the veggies are done. Bought some fresh corn Tuesday, ate corn on the cob two nights -- absolutely DELICIOUS! (Only the onion was from my garden!)

And now, here's some pictures:

Small patch beside my carport with lettuce mixture, spinach, Swiss Chard, tomatoes

Oscar in his crate located in my large extra-bedroom closet. It was a chilly day, and he headed to his "retreat!"

Rambo who thinks Oscar is a sissy...big dogs don't have to cover up on chilly days

Slinky who says, "Guys, if you had MY hair you both wouldn't be sissies!"

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Brenda said...

Lovely garden! And that veggie soup sounds deeelicious! Cute pet pictures, too. (What would we DO without them???)