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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hank Williams Sr. & Hank III

Growing up in the South, you heard Hank Williams twangy, melancholy, bluesy voice echoing through homes, cars, and you knew the tragedy of his legendary life. My own daddy played many such tunes on his guitar in the small-time band he traveled with around the county. The late 60s movie about Hank's life was a sell-out at our local movie theater.

When Hank Williams II moved to our area, built a mansion, and married a local gal, fans were multiplied. Even my late husband had a personal autographed photo of Hank II, and served on an official security detail from time-to-time. Yet neither of us really thought Hank II sounded like his dad, Hank Sr.

Years later along came Hank III...and the first time I saw him in a music video, I realized HERE WAS THE REINCARNATION OF HANK SR. Truly, Hank III looks just like his grandad, sound just like him...and over time, has proven to be a rebel entertainer, boozer, womanizer, wild and untamed. Though he often seems to be trying to distance himself from his infamous grandfather/father, he only comes closer to being exactly like his grandpa.

Here I present the evidence for your enjoyment:

Hank Sr. singing Honky Tonk Blues

Hank III singing Country Heroes

Uncanny, isn't it?


Brenda said...

It certainly IS uncanny. And amazing!

My dad loved country music, and until we got a TV, the radio was on most nights. My siblings and I went to sleep to the songs of all the country music greats. Hank Williams was Daddy's favorite, and I can still hear his soulful voice singing my favorite, "Cold, Cold Heart."

Dating said...

t certainly IS uncanny. And amazing!