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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Snow in Bama

We get these freakish snowfalls sometimes in March, and the one I recall vividly was March 15th -- a few days after DH and I married March 12, 1972. We were renting a tiny apartment on the second floor of a building, and the heating was inadequate (to put it mildly)! But cuddling kept us warm, even if the weather outside was cold and snowy.

At any rate, looks like about 4 inches on the ground outside today. There's still windy gusts, but the snow seems to have ended; sun is trying to peek out.

I could NOT get the dogs to go outside! Rambo would stick his nose out the doggie door, sniff and then whine, run around to hide behind me! (That's what he does when he's scared.) I finally lured them onto the carport with treats, and Rambo even ran out into the yard to fetch a treat I tossed out. But Oscar was having none of that -- simply wouldn't budge off the carport, and ran back inside. Southern dogs (at least these) want nothing to do with snow! LOL

I ventured out to take some pictures, because the snow will probably be gone by tonight. And that's fine with me; I don't need a broken leg from trying to skate around on that slippery stuff.

The wind brought snow into the carport, so my car got covered.

The street and houses across from mine.

My backyard garden spot, with the glass jar over the cabbage. I just wonder if the plant will survive? (Click on image for larger view to see cabbage plant)

Beside the carport inside wood fence

And now, time to do more batch cooking for freezer!

****Afternoon Update****

Finally lured the dogs outside, and Oscar actually took a bite of the snow. Wish I'd had the camera with me, but before I could get it, both were hurrying back inside. Can you say spoiled silly?

I did take another picture of the garden spot just now; it shows how rapidly the snow is disappearing. The cabbage looks fine, but I'm not going to trek through the soggy muck in my backyard to check on it. Still having a fierce wind, screaming around the eaves of the house. Clouds gone, lots of bright sun.


Rurality said...

Our chickens refused to leave the coop. Too funny! Looks like you got more snow than we did. Oh, our dog loved it, and the ducks didn't seem to care much. :)

Brenda said...

I'm glad the snow is disappearing! (Dudley and Oscar are a lot alike; Dudley dislikes snow, but he DETESTS rain. He flat out refuses to go out. Sometimes we have to carry him outside and refuse to let him back in until he does his business...LOL!)