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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Watching the Apocalypse

So, I'm thinking are the "end times" near? Not that I'm religious, quite the contrary. However, today it occurred to me that what the USA and the whole world is experiencing might indeed be something similar to the Apocalypse...not religious, but of our own creation. Greed, you know, is not in the seven deadly sins without reason.

On the other hand, maybe we're just witnessing a blip on the radar of human evolution. Who knows? No one, it seems. Theories and speculation are rampant, but this is what I personally am witnessing:

Anger and rage on a scale never seen from the low/middle-class and rich. The poor and disenfranchised have always carried a low-burning rage, but the rest? Well, they have lived in a world of rosy idealism that, basically, leads them to believe planning and living "according to the rules" will reap benefits. Now, it's like a tidal wave of reality has hit them, and most do not know how to deal with it.

People who have lost their way, and seem shocked -- shocked I tell you -- that they can't decide who is to blame. Government? Politicians? Themselves from living beyond their means? Who?

Desperate folks who are wondering if tomorrow will come, and if it does, how bad will it be for them and their loved ones? Should they prepare for hard days ahead, or bury their heads in the sand and do nothing, pretend all is well -- or will be eventually.

Frankly, the world as we know it is disappearing even as I write these words -- and no, I'm not a doomer (one who thinks nothing but disaster will happen).

Rather I am someone who is simply observing what I'm seeing, and thinking it's time I write about what I'm seeing around me.

As a writer, I'm thinking:

What if this is the beginning of the Apocalypse? What would happen next? Would anyone know? And if not, who would be recording it in their own words?

This could be a story/fiction, or it could be factual. I suppose we never know what is coming next, do we?

So I ask: Why do we think we can plan and have any security in an insecure world where an asteriod (unknown to astronomers until ten days before it's arrival) had a near-miss with earth a few days ago? FACT

Sometimes I just have to marvel at our human lives: like the ants, we build and build, even when all we do crumbles hopelessly.

The bravery, I suspect, is in the attempt, not the outcome.


altonwoods said...

Interesting thoughts,
"The bravery, I suspect, is in the attempt, not the outcome".

One definition of insanity is to continue behaviors expecting a different result...

I dunno? your thought's

KFarmer said...

I'm not a doomer either but ... as of late, I've seen more sorrow and despair from friends and family than I can almost stand. Just this morning one of my best buddies called and told me she may not have a job next year~ she is a teacher. Her husband is not working due to down sizing and can't find a job. Both are in their 50's.

This time in history is a nightmare by all accounts. But as you said, it is in the attempt and that's all we can do~ keep on trucking :)