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Friday, February 27, 2009

Doomsday or humor?

I don't know how much more bad, bleak news we can take -- but hey, that slippery slope we are now on, no telling how long it'll last.

I have a glimmer of hope about keeping my Cobra coverage. Have a senator, a local representative and county commissioner working on behalf, as well as my weekly calls to Blue Cross. Today the customer representative told me that they had not received the "paperwork" yet that concerns 55+ people keeping Cobra until eligible for medicare. But they ARE aware of it, and IF mine is discontinued on April 1st, once the "paperwork" comes through, I'll be reinstated and claims retroactive. I asked if I needed to hire a lawyer, and she said, "Oh no ma'am, not at all, we'll make sure you are notified as soon as this "paperwork" comes through."

I'm thinking, you know, this might have been the most "polite" response I've ever had from a customer representative at Blue Cross. Can't decide if it's due to Obama's wielding of long-overdue power to reform medical care, or if it was my threat of a lawyer. Sigh.

At any rate, still on the fence but time will tell. Out of my hands, so to speak.

Today I posted on our local freecycle to barter space in my backyard for large raised-bed veggie gardens in exchange for lawn care. IF there's folks who are able-bodied and need food, can work the garden and lawn, then this is a fair barter. They will get ALL the food they grow too, and I'll provide mower/weed-eater. Will screen any responses, see what I learn.

Still pouring rain here, and stormed today. I made a large batch of lentil bean/brown rice soup, had about a dozen individual servings for the freezer. I figured the cost, and discovered I spent about a dime for each portion. Can't beat that for frugal, nutritious eats.

I have an appointment to get my income tax prepared next Wednesday, and will be glad to get that behind me. Hoping for a small return this year, due to deductions on the rental for lots of repairs/updates.

Oscar loves his expensive dog bed! Created this from a cardboard box, old pillow and worn throw...but oddly enough, he doesn't seem to know he's not sleeping in high style! LOL

Outta here for tonight.

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Brenda said...

Awww...what a precious photo of Oscar! He and Dudley look a lot alike.