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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Whoowhee, Judge Roy Moore strikes again!!

What a foaming-at-the-mouth hypocrite AND political whore he is! Hey, I LIVE in Alabama, and I should know. Are religious crazies so far gone they can't THINK for themselves, but need a "Preacher" to tell them what and how to think? I'm referring to the praying at the foot of the "Ten Commandments" monument in the Rotunda ... and the nut-jobs having candle-light vigils for keeping it there. Oh boy, don't get me started on separation of state and religion. I do wonder though, now that Bushie is in power, if we're looking at the rise of the next Taliban?!

This state has ALWAYS been rabid about religion; it's near impossible to have an intelligent conversation without "God" entering, regardless of subject. When I was younger, and brash...I used to LOVE to shock folks when they would ask what "church" I attended, and I'd say, "I'm an atheist." Whoa, the LOOK on their faces was PRICELESS.

So here's a link and excerpt from the latest of Judge Moore's political antics (and believe me, it is ALL politics, nothing more...I bet he's a heathen deep-down!:-)

Ten Commandments case appealed to U.S. Supreme Court
--Alabama chief justice seeks to block monument's removal

Supporters of the monument continue holding round-the-clock candlelight prayer vigils outside the judicial building. Several preachers led a group of about three dozen people in prayer.

One man said, "I think if you stand for this country, this whole country was founded on 'In God We Trust.' I think that if you were to put it in those terms, I think, yeah, everyone should defy it [the court order]."


A federal judge has threatened he may fine the state $5,000 a day if the monument is not taken down by the Wednesday deadline. U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson ruled the monument violated the constitutional ban on state promotion of religion.


"This is not about a monument or politics or religion," Moore told CNN on Wednesday. "It's about the acknowledgment of God, and the judge made that perfectly clear in closing argument when he said the issue is, 'Can the state acknowledge God?' He simply said we cannot. And that conflicts with the Alabama Constitution, which says our justice system is established in invoking the guidance of almighty God."


All I can say is: PLEASE, U.S. Supreme Court, STOP THE MADNESS!!!

Hey, it IS a mad, mad world after all, huh folks?

And thaaaaaats, thaaaaaats all folks...for today! :-)

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