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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

More and more on Judge Roy MOORE!

Hey, I have a suggestion for YOU, Judge: "Shut the f**k up already!" This idiot (and his fanatic cult followers) have made Alabama the laughing stock of the U.S AND the world this last week or so. I wish someone would tell him where to put the monument of the Ten Commandments!! Up his rear!

MAYBE though the spotlight will be OFF the nutcases and Moore soon, since the monstrosity has been removed AT LAST!! Here's an excerpt from the latest news article:

People seeking removal of the monument from its public site had said they were grateful that it was finally being moved, a week after the deadline set by a federal judge.

"This is a tremendous victory for the rule of law and respect for religious diversity," the Rev. Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, said before the monument was rolled out of the rotunda. "Perhaps Roy Moore will soon leave the bench and move into the pulpit, which he seems better suited for."

The long-running dispute has galvanized evangelical Christians and conservatives in this Bible Belt state and around the country.

Asked about President Bush's view of the controversy, White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan said: "It is important that we respect our laws and our courts. In some instances the courts have ruled that the posting of Ten Commandments is OK. In other circumstances they have ruled that it's not OK. In either case, there is always opportunity for appeal of courts' decisions."


Republican Gov. Bob Riley said in a statement that he hopes the monument's removal is "brief and temporary," with the U.S. Supreme Court ordering it moved back. He said he will file court papers supporting Moore.


What a political whore our Gov is, huh? Now he wants all those MAJORITY Christian CULT votes, so he's saying the "politically correct" thing in this state. Are people/sheeple so stupid that they can't realize what he is doing? Oh, and add in Bush's ambiguous comment -- such a statesman, huh? And to top this all off, our Alabama Gov. is trying to push a HUGE tax increase...but hey, I have a news flash for him: "Your political groveling ain't gonna get no stinking tax increase...cause a MAJORITY of churches told their sheeple NOT to vote for it." And independent thinkers KNOW that sheeple ALWAYS vote according to their preacher's dictates! Yep, I do believe Moore would have been a better fire-and-brimestone preacher than politician.

I should have left this state when I was young...but I have to admit, the political and religious nutcases ARE good for a laugh sometimes! :-)

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