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Monday, August 11, 2003

Finally, finally....FINALLY, I have time to write an update. My personal problems have been resolved, I'm working part-time, and life has improved.

DH and I are still looking for a place to buy, and still pursuing foreclosures. This past weekend we found a beautiful older house with 6 acres about ten miles from the city. The house has been entirely renovated, gorgeous hardwood floors, some carpeting, fresh floorplan on the first floor, bedroom, den, kitchen, formal living room, dining room, full bath downstairs; two bedrooms and a full bath upstairs, basement, sunroom. It is a foreclosure, and the price is a bit more than we want to pay...but it seemed IDEAL in every way. Anyone reading this journal will know we've been searching for the PERFECT place for over a year now, off and on. We thought we'd found it.

But this morning DH went by the courthouse to find out where the property lines were, and guess what? There's only 2 acres with the house, instead of 6! Darn it, that wouldn't be enough land for DH's horses. There is even a fairly good-size building in the back for a saddle shop/office for DH! Unfortunately though, the land is just not enough -- particularly 10 miles from the city and at the asking price. Perhaps the realtor will reduce the price, since it is being promoted as 6 acres.

Just a tip for anyone thinking of investing in foreclosures -- do your homework! Better go to the county courthouse and check into the tax assessor's records, property lines, etc. Of all the places we have found in foreclosure (and there's LOTS in this county alone) I know of only 2 that were actually what the realtor had been promoting. The others had land issues, or the houses were in such dire need of work that the asking price was ridiculous. I really don't see how anyone could "make money off foreclosures"...and certainly not get rich quick in that endeavor. Lots of scams out there now trying to cash in on these ceaseless foreclosures in this bad enconomy (and don't get me started on Bush and the poor economy!), but these ARE indeed scams. We've only looked within our county, and still haven't found a suitable place with a price less than most home owners are asking. So beware!

We've also looked at several home owner's property/houses up for sale, but again, haven't found the perfect place. We are very, very selective because at our age, we already know all the pitfalls and problems of buying real estate (having owned two places) and/or the true financial value. Location is probably THE most important aspect, but then again, if you have to spend a lot of money getting a house livable and/or updating, and paid a bundle to begin with...well, you might just be on a sinking ship.

Othewise I'm busy with my part-time work, taking care of my critters (7 cats indoors only, 4 regular strays I feed that stay in the backyard) I can't complain. Physically I'm well also. This month is the two-year anniversary of my biking at least six times a week! I'm maintaining my weight at 90-91 lbs, and even eat healthy, don't starve or restrict too much. I only eat sweets on rare occasions, and with the exercise, I guess that helps me maintain this current weight.

I suppose that's it for now. I will try not to neglect this journal again, but IF I fail to update can always browse the extensive archives! :-)

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