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Saturday, December 28, 2002

Yippeee!! The AWFUL Christmas day is over for another year. And I can breathe a sigh of relief.

I took my candles out of the windows, took the wreath off the door today; nothing more depressing than seeing xmas decorations AFTER it's over. [As an aside, one of my pet peeves is those people who leave up xmas lights all year on the outside of their houses, so TACKY!] At any rate, I survived it all once again, and without gaining weight, or trying to kill myself. I do admit I had wee mixed drink or two, just to mellow me out and take some of the depression away -- which it did. I don't drink much, but an occasional drink does seem to help me relax.

Ah, so now we come to the New Year...and all those useless resolutions (usually about losing weight). Since I've already lost weight in the past six months (staying at 93 lbs now), that can't be a goal. But I CAN make a resolution NOT to gain any of the weight back, plus maybe get down to 90 lbs. I really don't think I should go any lower, because then I WOULD be anorexic. As for other resolutions: I will say only that I hope I can do more creative writing this coming year. Since I've made that my resolution the past two years, and not kept it...I won't say it's a resolution, just something I wish I could do.

I actually look forward to New Year's Day. DH and I used to spend every New Year's Eve with my sister and brother-in-law but stopped some years ago, because they now live 50 miles to the north, and there's usually so many drunks on the road after midnight it's become unsafe to make the drive. But I like New Year's Day: it represents a new beginning, a way to start over, a time to look to the future. Christmas is more about looking back, bad memories, etc for me. But New Year''s a fresh start every year.

I've been busy with several projects, so haven't been updating as regularly at this journal. Hope to be more regular this next year, so that's ONE resolution. And I think it's the only one I'll make.

Now we'll see if I keep it! Happy New Year!

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