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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Today is my birthday: I'm 51. Wow, I never thought I'd live this long. I'm sure many young people feel the same; that they will never make it to 30, much less the big 5-0...but here I am. It happens. Or as the saying goes: "Aging is better than the alternative."

I'm in a slightly better mood these days. Had a great Thanksgiving Day with my family, sisters/brothers-in-law, nephews, mother and step-dad. They were all complimentary about the weight I've lost: I now weigh only 95 lbs. I haven't been this skinny since I was in my late teens, and anorexic (which I may be again now)! I do eat, but I'm very selective in my choice of food, prefer healthy stuff like fresh veggies/fruits and very little meat, lean beef only or chicken/turkey/fish. And I bike about 2 miles every day. I feel healthy, and my blood pressure is now back to normal -- without medication! So I am now just on maintaince, but try to not go much over 1,000 calories per day.

DH gave me $ I will buy whatever strikes my fancy soon. I recently bought several pairs of new smaller (by two sizes) jeans, and don't need clothes right now. I'll dream up something though, I'm sure.

DH and I are getting a big-screen HDTV for Christmas, and that is something to look forward to! We must do a good bit of rearranging of furniture and rooms though, but he has a couple weeks off before Christmas, and that will give us time to do all that is necessary. We looked at the HDTV big-screens the other day, and were very impressed; the projection big-screens used to be very unclear. Anyway, we have lots of interior work to do before getting the TV, but at least it IS something to look forward to, and hopefully it will make my Christmas not so depressing (as it has been for years now).

Also, the country house/land we were thinking about buying didn't work out. The place turned out to have TWO different mortgages on it, and is in 'legal limbo' and not even available for sale now. Oh well. We may keep looking, but it's cold now and we're not inspired to move until maybe next spring.

That's pretty much it for now.

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