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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Ho, ho, ho!

Or should I say, 'Bah Humbug?'

In my case, it's always 'Bah Humbug!' I loathe the Christmas season, and this hatred only seems to grow stronger as I age. Initially, my depression was always triggered by the false sense of family togetherness, and my own horribly miserable childhood Christmases. My father always lay drunk the whole time, and mother made us all 'pretend' that nothing was wrong. We even had to attend paternal family gatherings, where my father was noticably absent, and act as if everything was just fine. There is nothing so warped as growing up with an alcoholic in the family. Indeed, the most apt phrase I've ever heard is: "It's like having an elephant sitting in the living room, but everyone pretends they don't see it."

As I've gotten older though, I also have realized there's a lot of hypocrisy in this supposedly loving, giving season: Why remember the homeless ONLY at Christmas? Why remember abused, neglected kids ONLY at Christmas? Why be charitable ONLY at Christmas? Why act as if your family is a happy one, when everyone knows otherwise? There may be some fanatical religious types who find some sort of brainwashed religious 'meaning' in Christmas, but more often than not, I simply see all the hyprocisy and commercialism. And I won't even get started on the commercialism aspect!

DH and I decided not to get the large-screen TV after all. Doing some research, I realized the projection TV we were thinking of buying didn't have digital capabilities. Within a couple of years, it would have been rendered useless when digital signals begin to be broadcast (between 2004-2008), so we opted for a few other items. Bought an over-the-stove microwave; a new entertainment center; a smaller dinette set; and a DVD player (which I'm not much impressed with, since we had to get and use an adapter for our TV and DVD movies only show in the middle of the screen!).

DH was off last week, and we did a lot of work/rearranging of stuff in the house. I finally got rid of my floor-to-ceiling bookcase, and cleaned out a bunch of useless, unnecessary books; I took four boxes of books to the library, donated those. Most of it was fiction, and some out-of-date writer and/or research books; I do all research on the net now, and those books were not necessary. I still have quite a collection of books, and bought a smaller bookcase for those. Some I couldn't part with -- personally autographed books; old, valuable books; a few select, important writing books; and some fiction that I regard as THE best and that has guided my own creative writing. At any rate, I now have my study in the spare bedroom, and managed to get the computer desk, file cabinet and bookcase in here, along with the double bed and chesterdrawers. It looks much better, and now the formal living room is back to being just that: a living room. I put most of our antiques in there: an ancient peddle-type sewing machine and trunk my grandmother gave me; a huge wardrobe; the dresser bottom, which makes a nice desk; a couple of rockers and a recliner; and the huge steamer trunk my sisters gave me years ago. The living room is uncluttered, and looks spacious, if we decide to list the house with a real estate agent, it is much improved.

We also cleaned out our large walk-in closet, and painted it, put down new floor tile. That was a huge chore, but it looks much nicer now. At least we had a productive week.

Yesterday I rented ten movies from a local supermarket that rents movies two for a dollar. I got these for two nights though, and they aren't due back till after Christmas. I saw "From Hell" last night, and while Johnny Dep's performance was lackluster (to say the least) it was a good atmospheric movie, and an interesting theory about 'Jack the Ripper.' We'll watch all the movies tonight and tomorrow.

I rode my bike this morning, even though it was raining earlier. But the rain stopped, so I had no excuse not to go. I'm staying at 93 lbs, even though I ate a nice sweet treat last night. I hope I won't do too much damage to my diet tomorrow, but I AM intending on eating whatever I want...for once! That should give me something to be a little cheerful about on such an otherwise depressing day. DH will go to his mom's house alone; I never go...since I have NO relationship with that bunch of redneck deer-hunters. But he feels obligated to put in an appearance, although that's just about the only time he sees them. However, he'll be home by noon or so, and we can watch the movies.

I stayed up till 2 AM watching that movie last night, but still woke early. And I've had a mild head-cold, but it seems to be a bit better now. Of course, I'm not going to my family gathering either; went to the one on Thanksgiving, and that's enough.

Like I said: "Christmas? Bah Humbug!!!"

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