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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Oh. My. God!

I'm sitting here using my laptop, and watching the Oprah Show. Apparently a bunch of women were offended by an earlier episode in which an author wrote about the downside of being a mother. Well, these perfect moms are sounding off at the other women who were honest enough to state facts. Talk about denial, yep...that's what the so-called perfect moms are into. I mean, there is no way that being a mom is always a grand, ideal experience. This one woman said that if women believed all the downside of motherhood, none would have children. So what? The world is overpopulated anyway, and what would be the harm in some women NOT breeding?

I'm here to say that I chose NOT to have children, and I do not have ANY regrets. So take that, you nutcase-in-denial moms!

Happy to report today that I'm making progess on gathering material/background/research for the novel I'll be writing in November as part of the NanoWriMo website challenge. I went to the library today, got some books on supernatural folktales of the South for reading and perhaps to inspire some twists in my plot. I also got a good book on creativity, "Marrying Your Muse" by Jan Phillips. Hope it keeps me centered, and renews my dedication to the fiction craft.

We're having great weather, in the 70s during the day and 50s at night. Nice for biking, but I didn't go on the ride this morning due to the park being unavailable. There's some workmen replacing the light posts, and I've had to ride on the hilly streets for a week, which has caused my knees/legs to I skipped today. Maybe I'll go tomorrow, and can ride in the park.

My two black kittens, now six months old, are at the vet being neutered. I called earlier, and the assistant said they did fine, and I could come get them tomorrow. I miss the little critters, though it's easier on me with them gone...taking care of NINE cats is a job. But I love each and every one, and would miss them terribly now.

There's weird news lately: a sniper on the loose around Washington D.C. Has killed 8 people so far, and who knows where or when he/she will strike again. I've always thought I'd like to write a serial killer novel, and had never even imagined a serial sniper, such as this one rampaging now. Perhaps it will give me some ideas. I hope they catch him soon though.

More later from the mad, mad world of the USA!

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