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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

I'm trying to focus on writing a novel in November, (for the NanoWrimo website) but it's difficult to manufacture drama when so much of it is happening LIVE. I'm referring, of course, to the Beltway sniper who has continuously killed random people in that area for nearly a month now. We do have our own psychos here in the USA, and I believe this is one of them. I don't think there's a Muslim terrorist link; rather, this is a lone guy who is taunting the police and FBI profilers. I can't help but follow the latest news developments, because though repulsive, it is somewhat fascinating. Or at least if you are a writer, you would find it interesting, in that we are always keenly observant of human behavior, deviant or otherwise.

Today I had an idea that the sniper might be either accompanied by a woman who drives the vehicle after shootings, allowing the male sniper to hide in the trunk or something. OR perhaps the sniper actually dresses as a woman, and passes the roadblocks easily, since the cops are looking for a male in a white van. I don't think the sniper is in a white vehicle at all. At any rate, the fear factor is at work big-time there in that whole region. I do think the sniper will be caught, unless he/she/they stop abruptly and go elsewhere.

As for myself, I'm still dieting and keeping a more regular journal on that HERE. I went to the library today, got some good novels (I think!). I also go on my daily bike ride, which is still a good workout. I've seen so many supernatural movies lately that they are all starting to seem the same. However, I consider this background research for my novel.

Also, I have noticed that many movies starting around 1999 up to the present seem to have 'twist endings' where the protagonist is either dreaming or living in a virtual reality world (Vanilla Sky, The Matrix) or mentally ill (A Beautiful Mind)....and it isn't revealed until near the end of the movie. I wonder if this theme doesn't reflect how our virtual worlds on the net, and computer games, etc. have begun to influence us as to what is actually REAL compared to our imaginary worlds? This is a trend that might be parallel to a societal problem... Just some random thoughts on that idea.

Got to go. More one of these days when I have time for this blog!

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