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Saturday, September 28, 2002

I am starting to feel the creativity come back; I've really MISSED my constant companion, the daydreaming, the plotting inside my head, dropping everything to jot notes...ah yes, the LONG dry spell is at last ending.

I have decided to participate in an online writing site challenge: National Novel Writing Month This is a website that encourages people to write an entire novel in the month of November each year. Sign-up is next Tuesday, and I will toss my hat into the ring. There's no grand prizes for actually accomplishing this feat, but if you do finish a manuscript, it is sent in via email. Once it is determined you completed the 200 page, 50,000 word quota, then your name is listed as one of the novelists who finished the project. It seems to be great inspiration, and I think that having a set time/deadline will force me to do the actual work.

It's been almost two years since I've written a novel, though I've written several short stories since then, just none recently. I had burned out, felt as if I'd said all I had to say. Or something like that anyway. Plus, I seem to have lost the drive to write, and the REASON for writing, becoming so disillusioned with humanity in general it all seemed a colossal waste of time. BUT what I do know is that I am HAPPIER when I am creating, living in the fictional worlds that preoccupy my mind/time. Otherwise, to coin a popular term: "Reality Bites!"

Rented two movies last night: "A Beautiful Mind,"...superb, spectacular, splendid...all the adjectives can't do it justice. To SEE and FEEL the world of the psychotic, now that IS an accomplishment. I once had a brief psychotic episode, mostly due to lack of sleep for over a week, and terrible stress. I will never forget how REAL the delusions were, the sense that people (outside my mind) were really there, talking to me, whispering, cajoling. And I heard lovely, unearthly music, saw a vase of fresh flowers rise and dance in the air...oh, it was BEAUTIFUL. But unreal. Fortunately, I returned to reality quickly...but have always realized the allure of that beautiful place where you escape reality. So I found the movie a triumph in truly depicting the world of a psychotic.

I also watched A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Lord, what was Spielberg thinking? Such a great permise, but totally ridiculous ending. Stupid, sentimental crap at the end. Spare me.

Tonight I have several other movies to watch, but mostly looking forward to seeing "The Others."

Ah, the world spins madly, humans dance deliriously and life revolves slowly toward its inevitable ending somewhere out there in distant time...

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