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Thursday, August 01, 2002

I've selected a new template, and like this better. I actually preferred the first one I had, and spent a lot of time on details; but then Blogger wouldn't post new entries to that, so I chose a simple black-and-white layout. However, I DO prefer this current template. I'm not going to add personal links until I know this one won't disappear or fail to post.

What's new? I'm sitting in my study, cats/kittens running wildly through the house. They love being inside at night, but I DO keep them out on the sunporch all day (and back out there after 11:00 at night). The kittens are three months old now, really growing; I named them: Blackie, Buddy and CutiePie. Not very original, but I've found that a name somehow has to fit the kitten...and you can't just pick a name at random and put it on the kitten/cat. So I waited till their personalities became more developed. However, I probably should have named CutiePie (the only female kitten) Ms. Piggy...for she eats like a pig! She will chase the other two males, as well as the Mama (Pretty) away when I put out can food! The boys are more laidback, and very sweet; I'll have them neutered at 6 months, which isn't that long!

Otherwise I'm not writing much. I did buy a new Palm IIIc, replacing my old Palm III. I like the color screen, as well as the 8 MG of space; my 2 MG was not enough! I got a bargain price, since Palm is discontinuing this line. I have a modem, and GoType, which also work with the Palm IIIc.

Hot, hot, sweltering HOT here in Dixie, as well as most of the nation. Summer seems endless this year...

Life goes on...and I'll try to write more regularly here, I hope.

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