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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

What to write?

Well, I could just SCREAM with frustration. We finally got rid of the problem house on one side of us, and now there's a problem on the OTHER side! Darn it. The owner who rents out the house doesn't take care of the house; it hasn't been painted in 20 years, and looks it. The carport roof is falling in, and no telling how bad the electrical/plumbing is getting to be inside. I contacted our city building inspector, and he said he was starting an investigation into the property, that it sounded as if building codes AND ordinances were being violated. Right now the owner (an older guy) is out there pecking around with a hammer, trying to prop up that falling roof over the carport...but it is going to take more than a little tapping and propping up to fix that place!

Why oh why do we always seem to get into these kinds of situations? When we lived out in the rural area, a slovenly couple moved in next-door, and was one of the reasons we sold our house and moved to the city. When we first moved here, this whole neighborhood was excellent; it is, in fact, the better part of the city, near the historic district. I thought the city building inspectors would enforce any violations of building and/or ordinance violations...and maybe they will, now that I've notified them. If not, I really don't know if I can stand to live here anymore.

We looked at some property and a house recently out in the country. It's about eight miles from the city, ten acres and a fairly large bankruptcy. The house needs some extensive work, but it's very isolated -- at the end of a dead-end road. It would be very private, and I think we would like that. We're waiting for a realtor to get back to us about the price; if it's affordable, and nothing is done to that wreck next-door, then we may just buy it. Then we could either sell our house in the city, or rent it out. I don't really want to move, but I am sick and tired of putting up with the 'neighbor' situation, and the aggravation. It's a shame that one or two rotten eggs can ruin a neighborhood!

My kittens/cats are thriving, but I do take very good care of them. I also took a contract with Orkin, for a year, to help eliminate outside ants, etc. which were becoming a problem on the cats porch. But I'm enjoying the kittens, and in October, all will have to be taken to the vet for neutering/spaying.

Enough for today. Gripe session over!

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