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Monday, March 07, 2011

Night Dreamscapes

Since DH died, I have had two recurring dreams: I lose my visa debit card and a thief makes enormous charges on it before I realize what has happened.

And the other dream is that DH comes back, we are so happy once again...until I realize that we will have to repay all the pension funds I've received since he died. I go into a panic and then wake up.

What does this mean? Psychology dreams, I think. That I am sooooo afraid of NOT managing financially since DH died I even dream of failure. And it doesn't help that I grew up dirt poor, always scared of being unable to manage as an adult. Though I always have, since I was the financially responsible
one in our marriage.

The debit card Visa dream has mostly gone away. But last night I did dream of DH returning, how happy we were at first...then the scare of repaying the pension. I even did the math in my dream, and realized I COULD repay it all...and still have a lot to live on. Jeez!

I wish these dreams would cease and desist! Five years since DH died, I'm still plagued with financial issues.

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