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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Disappearing snow!

We had snow again last night, woke to about two inches. As usual, the entire county was thrown into a fit of shutdowns. Yet by noon the streets were clear, and by two o'clock, all snow virtually gone.

I did some batch veggie cooking this morning, then took the dogs on a very long walk in the 45 degree sunshine. Gave the dogs a bath when we returned home. Very productive day.

Here's some pictures of the snowfall that disappeared quickly (the ONLY kind of snow I like):

The way my backyard looked at eight o'clock this morning

This is my backyard at noon

And this is my backyard around two o'clock in the afternoon.

This weekend and early next week is predicted to be in the 60s! Don't even tell me this is normal weather; I've been on this earth 59 years, and I have never witnessed this kind of extreme change in such a short time-frame. Something is going on with our weather -- and though climate change might not be entirely caused by human activity, perhaps more due to the universe, there is no denying that something strange is happening.

I'm still waiting to learn the results of my blood tests at the doctor yesterday. Whatever will be, will be. Fate & Karma...maybe not just a theory.

I'm hoping the doctor was right when he said yesterday he didn't think the swollen lymph node under my arm was anything serious. It is nearly gone, so maybe the swelling was due to the triple-flu shot I had. If nothing else shows up in tests, then I will report this side effect to the government website -- which is taking information from those who have had the shot.

And that's it for today!

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