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Monday, January 12, 2009

January, the cruel month

Ah used to be the month I'd go crazy. Whether stir crazy or just plain crazy, I can't say. But let me just say that I've done some weird stuff in this month, totally out-of-character actions. Not in a long time, mind you, but in the past. I don't feel that kind of weirdness coming over me now either, but I do always recall those strange actions fondly; it's always surprising when you sometimes remember the nutty stuff you did as something interesting, whereas day-to-day life seems dull, boring.

I am using my laptop more often now, due to backache and possibly pinched nerves that are causing tingling fingers, numb feet. Exactly why I bought the laptop, so I can relax and write, surf the web, whatever from my sofa or bed. Nice.

Perhaps it will inspire me to write more blog posts, but I'm not promising.

Today I took the dogs on a long, long walk, since we'd been cooped up in the house the past couple days due to weather. Saturday it rained and rained (AGAIN), then Sunday it was bitterly cold. My arthritis will not allow me to walk much outside when it's that cold, makes my knees act up, become stiff in my joints. Today was still nippy, around 50, but the sunshine made it fine for a walk.

I'm reading a great mystery novel by my favorite author: Thomas H. Cook. I've read all his darkly engrossing novels, due to his extraordinary talented prose and his unique theme of exploring the black depths of the human psyche. This one is: Master of the Delta. Engrossing, as usual, and I should finish it later in bed (a habit I've developed, reading in bed, and which also lulls me to sleep).

I'll probably have another date with the man I've been seeing this weekend. I'd asked him for a break, so we haven't been out in several weeks. But frankly, I miss his company for a weekend date, either a movie/dining out, or drives in the country or fleamarket shopping. Anyway, we'd stayed in touch via email, and he wants to go out again...and heck, I'm tired of being lonely on the weekends. At least he seems more willing to accept my limitations on the physical aspect, so maybe this will work out better now?

My sister will be here Thursday, and we'll visit my mother who continues to do well, considering her poor health. That night it's supposed to get down into the single digits, and I'm NOT looking forward to that!

Cats are still sassy, and in fact, I have a few photos on my other computer I will try to post tomorrow.

For now, back to the novel...

(Oh, and about the cruelest month? That is now February when DH died.)

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