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Friday, January 23, 2009

Day from Hell

I had the day from hell. The orthopedic doc said he'd try to get an MRI, but that "Blue Cross wouldn't be happy with that request." When he said that I felt like screaming that this issue was between me and him, not me and Blue Cross. It is just such situations that is going to bring down the insurance conglomerate, and you can remember you heard it here first.

I get out to my car, and turned the ignition: Thought I heard an ominous sound, as if the battery was dead. Couldn't believe it, so tried again and sure enough, the battery was dead as a doornail. What did that mean? Just had a NEW battery put in a week ago.

Tried to call my sister's husband, who got the new battery at AutoZone, but forgot they left for a cruise last night. Finally called Sherry (renter), because she was nearby and she came immediately. She took the battery out, took me to AutoZone, where they tested the battery; said it was dead. Duh? Took an hour to recharge before they could test it, final conclusion: Battery fine. We drove back to my car, she put it in, I got home and guess what? The car started, but the battery light was on.

Long story short, need an alternator. I bought one at AutoZone, but have no idea how I'll get it put in. Sherry and Wendell (the renters) said they can put it in, so I may let them tomorrow. ExpresX Oil Change installs alternators for $75.00...unless there's complications.

As of now, I'm stranded -- the battery is dead again in my driveway.

I'm undecided what I'll do, but one thing I know: I'm going to buy a NEW car ASAP. Tired of this crap, really am. And if I lose my medical insurance? Going on a spending spree the likes of which will be legendary.

No joke.

Oh yeah, did I mention my back is killing me?

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Brenda said...

I'm so sorry everything is going badly for you right now. When it rains, it POURS. I know; I've been there.

Hope things get better soon...