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Monday, November 03, 2008

Get out and vote!

I have been truly remiss in not posting more often, but I've been engaged in "other stuff." Not an excuse, just a reason for the lack of posts.

I started my novel last night with a prologue. The story will be based on real events at our old farmhouse/land. It will practically write itself, since the plot follows what really happened. I doubt I can get it done during the month of November, but maybe by next spring? I am rereading all my journal entries at this blog as reminders of how events unfolded, since I kept a fairly accurate account regularly. Nice reference!

And now, let me say: PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE TOMORROW. We have a chance to make history with this election, and if no poll shenanigans take place, I feel optimistic the change we need will happen. Either way, please vote!

After the election results are in (who knows when that will be?!), I'll have more to write about. Again, since this blog started with Bushie's election, I'm hoping to turn a page on a better future without his ilk in office.

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