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Monday, September 29, 2008

How to lose a redneck repug guy

A little humor never hurts, and I found myself creating this hilarious ditty. However, it is TRUE:

5. I'm a Democrat. (If you're a good looking gal, the republican redneck will persist)

4. I'm a vegetarian. (Still not a deal-breaker)

3. I don't think we should drill for more oil, instead look into alternate energy forms. (This usually sends them running for the hills, regardless of looks)

2. I have two small vicious dogs and they think it's their duty to protect me. (Trust me, few will stick around till you get to this point)

1. I think the war in Iraq was a mistake, and I'm an atheist -- they hear "communist." (IF there's any left, it could get dicey because they may pull out their concealed gun)

Now that's your dose of laughter for the day.

By the way, as we say in the news biz: "World ends at nine, story at ten."

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