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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesday Update

Not much improvement with sister's mother-in-law: she's out of ICU, moving into Hospice care. But not expected to live over two weeks. The doctors decided they need the "bed" for other patients in ICU -- and this will happen again if she doesn't die soon enough. She'll be ejected into the nursing home, where no doubt, she'll die. And that is why the book, "How We Die" by Dr. Nuland is such a relevant book for today's society. Do yourself a favor and read it: How We Die

In the meantime, has anyone noticed the Oprah conglomerate has begun an almost "religious" movement in that all her shows/magazines/network seems to be ONLY good/inspirational? Sure, we need some good news and uplifting stories occasionally, but her stuff has got so sickeningly "it's all good," that I can't watch it any longer. What is she thinking?

I'm researching an article for a national magazine, and for once, it's a gritty, realistic piece. It might include travel of an unconventional sort, but most of this is in the negotiation stage right now. Time will tell.

Otherwise, life is peaceful and quiet: I keep on keeping on.

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