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Friday, February 22, 2008

Making progress

I have spent the last few weeks making some progress in getting various tasks accomplished around here. Things I'd put off while working, and hope to have it all finished in early spring. Then I'll probably start looking for a part-time position or volunteer work -- something to get me out of the house occasionally.

My cat, Princess, is home after being groomed/shaved. She is a peki-persian and has to be shaved down occasionally. Really hates it, but has to be done.

My next project is getting plantation shutters ordered/installed in my living room windows. I detest having to take care of curtains, and the shutters will take care of that problem, permanently.

Otherwise, we've had lots and lots of rain, hopefully helping alleviate the terrible drought conditions here in the Southeast. Today is still overcast, but I'm about to take the dogs on a walk, since the rain has stopped.

And that's a brief update!

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