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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rambo...a Keeper!

Yep, he's all settled in -- and we're bonded. And while I say he's the "perfect little dog," he does have quirks. He IS house-trained, but I still have to take him out early in the morning, late at night.

Rambo is not fond of the cats, nor do they like him. Kitten was very curious about him, since she's never been around a dog in her life. Soon as she got close enough for a "sniff" though, she hissed. Slinky growls worse than Rambo, so he leaves her alone. He mostly scares them with his bark, but sooner or later, maybe they'll adjust. If not, maybe I can keep them apart...though over long enough time, they may call a truce.

I had a remodeling guy out here this morning, and he'll give me an estimate on taking out these two windows in the den/dining area, putting in French doors and building a smallish deck on back. I will have a small doggie door put in to, for Rambo; then he can come and go as necessary. He loves to run and play in the fenced yard, but doesn't like to stay out too long if it's cold or raining. I have an insulated dog house out there, with thick pillow/blanket, and he can get in there if he wishes...but I could never leave him out all the time. He can do some of the cutest antics, a real jester. He prances at times, doesn't know he's a little dog, and barks at any and all dogs in the neighborhood. I bought him a harnass the other day, just in case I decide to take him on walks in the neighborhood.

Tomorrow morning he'll be taken to the vet for neutering, and a thorough checkup. He sure seems healthy to me though.

This afternoon I have a dental appointment for a cleaning. I've been having problems with my bottom teeth, the enamel is wearing down and there's sharp places that irritate my mouth. I know I'm going to have to spend serious money on getting all that remedied, but dread it!!!

And that's about it for now.

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