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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Friday....THE Big Day!

If everything goes according to my renter's plans, she'll be handing me the keys to my house around noon Friday. This will only be the second time I've been in there since DH and I moved out nearly three years ago. I biked past there earlier, and felt expectant, not really anxious. I always loved living there, and DH and I were happy in that house for 28 years. Though we weathered the usual ups and downs, there were no awful tragedies, like what happened at the farm. It will be interesting to see how I feel as I walk through the empty house for the first time, yet I may be so focused on what needs cleaning/updating, I might forget the emotional impact. I'll know soon though.

Today I spent several hours printing out the rental application/information, and will put the "For Rent" sign up Friday in the yard, with a few applications attached in plastic. I also need to get the gas/power transferred to my name, until I find a renter.

And now...for something I was hestitant about posting here. But what the heck...

Saturday night I met a very nice man with whom I'd gotten acquainted via the internet. He lives just across the county line on a 40 acre farm, we had some things in common, he's same age, so we met for coffee (yes, in a public place in my town). He was extremely well-mannered, polite, soft-spoken, easy on the eyes AND even opened doors for me. Been a loooong time since a man did that for me! Will we meet again? I don't know. He was very compassionate about DH, listened while I talked and talked about him...and I found that wonderful. I was afraid he'd think my unending praise of DH to be a bore, but quite the contrary, he could understand -- his wife was killed in a car accident years ago. It's really up to me, whether we see each other again...and I haven't made a decision yet.

Now, as I've written previously, I WILL NEVER marry again. Nor will I live with a man, or have one living with me. But if I learned one thing from DH's sudden death, no one is promised tomorrow. Time is fleeting, and we do not have unlimited, endless days, years in which to sit around and bemoan our fate. I want companionship, and since I really have no close girlfriends (and yes, my family has been wonderful but they do have their own lives too) would be pleasant to enjoy a Sunday afternoon drive, or a good movie, or dinner with a gentleman friend now and then. I only dated two boys before I married DH at the age of 19, and in some ways, that was a mistake. I've been granted a chance to meet interesting people now, on my own terms, and that is ALL I'm planning to do -- have a few male friends whose company I enjoy.

Additionally, as soon as I get the renter house ready and rented, I plan to start looking for employment, even if part-time. It will get me out of the house, and help pay the exorbitant Cobra medical insurance.

I'm still writing the memoir, and it is coming along...but oh-so-slowly. Like pulling teeth at times, not the happiest topic I've ever engaged!

Tomorrow my sister and brother-in-law will be here; he is supposed to pressure-wash the vinyl on my brick house, and mow the yard. This past weekend we had severe storms and gully-washer rains...the grass has grown a lot. The autumn weather is here now, and I LOVE the cool, fresh breeze, letting it sweep through my open windows every day and night.

Now I'm heading for a shower and then some TV viewing -- if there's anything on tonight.

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