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Friday, March 25, 2005

I'm feeling somewhat better today, though my back pain keeps moving around. Yesterday it was located in my lower left back, today it is in the center -- but not unbearable. The MRI was simple, and completed quickly, though the tech wouldn't even give me a clue as to what he saw on it. It'll probably be Monday before my doctor gets the results, and lets me know what they discovered. In the meantime, I'm taking it easy and NOT overdoing, hoping the back pain will get less and less.

I found a new FREE online place to store my work! Any time I find such a place, I upload my work for readers. Etext is great, but one can never have enough distribution.

Here's the newest URL to my work:

Our Media, My Page

I will also put a permanent link in the sidebar to the right.

I have more to write about, but will do that tonight on the QuickPad and post it tomorrow. Till then...over and out!

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Anonymous said...

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