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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Again, I'm wondering if this place where we live is cursed! It seems there's been nothing but bad luck for us since we moved in last year this time. I made a list of all the ill omens that have happened since we've been here, which would make anyone wonder.

1. The fiasco with DH that happened three months before we even moved in.

2. Igor, the minature donkey that was in the pasture before we moved in, died. The owner said he died from a rare genetic problem. One of the most eerie things regarding Igor was the digital picture I took of him in the pasture -- above his head there was a weird looking reddish spot which seemed to be in the shape of a human face.

3. All of the stray female cat's newborn kittens, except one, died mysteriously.

4. One night lying in bed, I heard the glass vases on the fireplace mantle start rattling for no reason.

5. We've had trouble with our lights flickering, and even though we had an electrician here to check it out, he could find no cause for lights flickering.

6. Once I was on my bike ride in the nearby cemetery, and storm clouds had just passed over when they suddenly started back toward the cemetery. A strong wind swept over me, and I distinctly felt I was being told to GET OUT!

7. DH had a heart attack, which came out of the blue, no warning, nothing. There is no genetic family history, he's not oveweight, and he's very active. He did eat lots of fast food, but that was the only thing we could imagine caused it. Or maybe it was something...else? The curse of this place?

8. Now I am having serious back trouble. I started hurting last Friday afternoon, had to go to Urgent Care on Saturday. I think I have either a pinched nerve or ruptured disc in my lower spine. I certainly hope it's NOT a kidney stone! Have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow, and may need to get an MRI. All I know for sure is that I'm having terrible pain in my low back, down into my hip, and all the way to my knee. I have been miserable this whole last week.

Perhaps this is my over-active imagination...but it does seem these bad omens keep happening. Where will it end?

Our renter is away on vacation, but when she sent the last check, she asked if we'd allow her to have a room-mate. Apparently her husband has been stationed at a military base in New York, and she isn't going to join him. We probably won't allow her to have a room-mate, because that was not in the contract. And besides, who knows what kind of person she might let move in. Perhaps she'll move, when we tell her she can't have a room-mate. If so...well, I'm sure I'm going to be tempted to move back there. I still MISS living in town, and just can't seem to feel like this place is "home."

This afternoon we went to pick up a horse trailer DH bought, and an old guy came out to meet us. He was rather thin, used a walking stick, but otherwise very spry. When DH got back in the truck, he said, "How old do you think that man is?"

I said, "Oh, in his 70s."

"Wrong," DH corrected, "he just had his 92nd birthday."

Goodness, he sure was in great shape for his age. He told DH that he and his wife had lived there since 1962, and have 114 acres of pasture land, which they rent out for others to put cattle on. I dare say neither I nor DH will be around when we're his age!

DH is still having some kind of trouble with his leg -- the calf is swollen, tender. He's talked to the cardiologist about possible side effects, but was assured it is not any of his medication. I have my doubts, but DH will have to make his own decisions on that issue.

I haven't felt much like sitting at a desk or doing any writing for that matter, while my back/leg is hurting. If I can get some relief -- or find out exactly what is wrong -- tomorrow at the doctor's appointment I'll try to write a longer entry soon.

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