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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Same stuff, same story...

I've been very, very late in writing an updated entry. Why?


Simply beautiful here in the South. I've been outside enjoying the early autumn days, biking when possible, puttering around in the yard.


I have been devouring novels after a visit to the library last Friday. And the one I simply could NOT put down, and which kept me up until 3:00 AM this morning finishing it, "House of Sand and Fog," by Andre Dubus III was truly remarkable. I know there's a movie out based on the novel, but I've not seen it yet. Do yourself a favor and pick up this book at the library; you'll find it is literary writing but with a suspenseful plot and meaningful theme.


I have been doing a good bit of writing, which usually means that I neglect this online journal. I'm involved in a novel, a work-in-progress, which will NOT be posted on my website.


I've been looking for a new printer because the one I got from my brother-in-law needs a new ink refill, and frankly, I can almost buy another, better printer that has TWO free ink cartridges with it. Plus, I'm thinking of going with a laser printer, which can print up to 3,000 pages of black print with one toner (and toner is not much more expensive than those ink cartridges). Still undecided at this point, but I do want crisp, clean copy for printing out my novel when finished.

Otherwise, there's the daily routine of cat care, housework, cooking, running errands, etc. DH is off next week, and we hope to finish up the odds and ends of our remodeling project. The enclosed backporch is almost done, have the sink/plumbing installed in the mud-room, and need only to paint the interior of the sunporch. I'm sure we'll stay busy next week though.

Now I must watch the Presidential debate. Bet Kerry wins!!!

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