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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Long, long week!

Yes, it HAS seemed like a long week of nothing but WORK! DH and I spent every day, all day working on enclosing the backporch and creating a mud-room on one side and a sunroom on the other side. We have it enclosed (with waferboard and siding on the outside) but still have to finish out the interiors. That will have to be done as time and money permits, but the mud-room is first on the agenda because it will be very useful.

I had a bad scare one day: DH was out working, and I was doing a bit of housework inside. I heard this crashing sound and instantly KNEW what it was: one of the huge 6X6 foot sheets of solid glass had broken. I didn't know if DH was hurt, or out of the way when it hit. I thought I would have a heart-attack before I could get out the door to see what had happened! Fortunately, DH was fine; he said the glass had apparently gotten unlevel in some way while he was lifting it to install, and shattered into a million pieces. It WAS tempered glass though, so there were no slivers, etc., just small blunt pieces that aren't too dangerous. We had quite a time picking up all that glass though, and it filled TWO five-gallon buckets!

However, we didn't need that glass panel after all; only two panels would fit in the space we had available. We still have a tinted 6x6 panel to use in the garage when DH converts it into a saddle shop. A friend gave us these four 6x6 pieces which had originally been in his store, and we wanted to put them to good use.

The pictures below should show how we're progressing. More to come, when the project is done. We still have to put siding on two sides, but have the storm doors up, even a pet door for my outside cats to come into the sunroom area.

That's about all for now. DH went horseback riding in the forest today with his buddies, and I had some time to relax and get back to my writing projects. That is what I'm about to do...write! :-)

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