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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Whoa! You MUST go see "Terminator 3, Rise of the Machines," if you like screaming action and non-stop special effects! Truly, I enjoyed every minute of this movie, and I'm usually NOT a fan of action or sci-fi movies. Of course, this movie won't translate well to a small TV screen, but on the big screen, nothing like it! I was impressed with the robotic machines, and the military-styled killing, smart 'planes' which turn on humans. Is that poetic justice, or what? :-) In fact, the plot wasn't all that far-fetched, in my opinion. The military already has 'smart drones' how far can we be from killing machine planes?

I was also very impressed with Kristanna Loken who played the femme version of a ruthless killing terminator from the future. She did a lot of preparation for the role, and it sure paid off. I have always liked deadly, violent women (as characters) who look flawlessly beautiful in physical presence, but are totally whacked psychologically. And there's VERY few of these roles for women in movies, but Kristanna lucked out in this movie!

Overall, quite enjoyable and totally escapist for a couple hours. DH and I almost had the entire movie theater to ourselves, since people were at the lake celebrating July 4th. No obnoxious humans sitting next to us, disturbing the movie! I complained the last time I saw a movie (don't get me started on that crap movie with Mel Gibson, SIGNS, ugh!), but in this action movie, the loudness, surround sound enhances the scenes, and makes you feel a part of it. In fact, I found this movie at least equal to the first Terminator, and better than the second Terminator movie.

I am having a problem with some of the strays. One of females brought her new kittens to the feeding area, and they were all well at first. Then they seemed to have a cold, and now one is rather sickly. Yesterday I brought it to the house (since it is docile, and its eyes closed with pus), and put it in a box, planning to see if I could help it with some medicine I have here for cats eye infections. Anyhow, when I got back outside, the kitten was gone. I looked everywhere, but no kitten. This morning however, the mama had the sick kitten back at the feeder, and it did eat some. Obviously, she came and got the kitten out of the box, took it to her hiding place. I planned to help the kitten again, but when I got back out there with the medication, they were gone. I don't know if it'll survive or not. The other two kittens are healthy, and two of them are bobtails; the mama is a solid black bobtail, but the grey-striped female who gets in heat, but never pregnant, seems to be a surrogate mother, and either the black bobtail or the grey-striped female are always with the kittens at the feeder. Anyhow, maybe I can get my hands on the sick kitten soon, and doctor its eyes.

Yesterday around noon, I drove out to the place in the country with the 16 acres. DH went with me, wanted me to see how I liked driving out there. It's about 8 to 10 miles out there, and seemed a fairly short drive. We're still debating making another offer on that place Monday...just haven't decided. I KNOW I said I'd NOT move out there, but it IS very peaceful and quiet and private....

More later...

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