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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Ages since I posted. I've been feeling depressed, having some personal problems -- which, believe it or not, I find nearly impossible to write about in the online journal. In fact, I've always had trouble writing about MY personal problems, particularly sensitive ones, in any form except as fictional stories (and even then, carefully disguised). Oh well.

What else? I'm still at 90 lbs, and biking almost daily. Didn't go today though, since I got up a bit late and it was already very hot and stifling. I did ride the past two days, so I deserve a day off! Or I might go late this afternoon, if there's no thunderstorm, which is predicted in the weather.

The quagmire in Iraq continues, with another soldier killed today. I always had my doubts about that situation, and most of them have been confirmed by the ongoing fighting and killing there. I still think there'll be a draft blowing in the wind soon...

DH has a week off soon, and we plan on redoing our formal living room. We'll paint, put up some crown molding, and plantation shutters. Should make a big improvement. Hopefully we can also take at least one short day-trip, and get away for awhile.

That's about it, just not much in the mood to write now.

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