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Friday, April 12, 2002

What a weird week this past one has been. Last Sunday DH and I spotted some land, 4 acres, about 7 miles from the city and called the real estate agent about it. Well, it was very reasonably priced, but then DH made an offer for 5,000 less than the asking price and to our amazement, the owner accepted it! Then we were suddenly struck with the fact we just might have to buy it. I mean, we didn't think the owner would drop that much from the asking price.

At any rate, we then started trying to decide whether we wanted a house built there. Since it's just land, no house, we have to do something if we want to live out there. We also looked into modular houses, but even though much less expensive, don't like those too well. Right now, we're undecided, but have 30 days before the closing of the sale. IF we do buy it.

In the meantime, DH has next week off and we're going to some work around this house. Build more fence. Some painting inside the house, etc. We took the for sale sign down though, as we were getting too many calls and if we buy the property, we won't have to sell our house and may just rent it out instead when/if we move.

And that's pretty much all that's happening here for now.

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