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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays to my friends, readers & people near and far

First, may your holidays be bright and merry. Or if not that, at least tolerable and serene. Remember to smile a lot at family gatherings, even if you don't like some of your relatives. Just keep smiling, and they'll wonder what you have been up to!

I haven't even started my New Year's list of hopes for next year, and was thinking lately I'd not accomplished much this past year. But then, upon reflection, I realized I had done something that I was proud of, and that took a lot of my time. I edited, re-edited, and finally have 11 of my past novels online at I had covers made for some, and others I created using Amazon's online tool. It was more than just editing past work too; I had to learn how to format the work for Kindle ebook reader. I could still improve on that, and may at some point re-work the formatting, but first I need to finish editing the remainder of my work. I have 3 more novels, as well as a book of short stories, and poetry. In the meantime, I've been halfway outlining another novella...

I can't say sales have been spectacular, but I am selling at least one or two novels a day. And that is mostly the ebook I have promoted a little. Once all the work is online, I'll look into promotion more since I'll have time for that effort.

So I am going to stop beating myself up for not getting anything accomplished this past year. Maybe I'll even think of something else positive I have done. Who knows?

And now, off to our family gathering where I will smile mysteriously...


Stacy Horn said...

Merry Christmas and congratulations! Which book are you the most proud of? What is the name of the ebook you promoted?

C.A. said...

Thanks for your comment, Stacy.

Hmm, your question gave me something to think about the past couple days. I guess I'd have to say I'm most proud of "Quest for Destiny"...but closely followed by, "The Dark Fire." In the latter, which was my first novel, I became very emotionally involved with my characters (based loosely on people I'd known) and, of course, had a lot of editing to do through the years. In "Quest for Destiny," I liked delving into reincarnation and loved the setting, near Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains (been there, wonderful place).

The ebook I've promoted is, "Season of the Serpent," a ghost story and mystery. I'm still selling one or two every day.

I think one of my New Year's resolutions is going to be getting my remaining work online and then doing more promotion.

I've also got several ideas floating around in my mind about dystopian novels. I've been reading a lot of that category lately, but had the original idea for mine 10 years ago.

Should keep me busy in 2014!

Unknown said...

Good blog. Will follow your advice.Yes, family gatherings are to be endured but can be enjoyed.

naomi dagen bloom said...

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