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Monday, March 18, 2013

Bridges of Blount County

Friday was a fun day. My sister & brother-in-law drove here and we all went on a tour of the covered bridges in Blount County -- which adjoins the county I live in. All three bridges have been recently redone and a car can drive across them. That is what we did, then parked and walked around the beautiful early spring landscape.

All the bridges are located in rural areas, and the scenery is serene and rustic. I got lots of photos which I'll share at the end of this post.

We stopped at a great barbecue place and ate lunch. Really tasty food and wonderful atmosphere.

After seeing the bridges, we drove to a nearby Toyota dealership and I drove a new Prius C. I'm seriously considering either a Prius C or Nissan Leaf (all electric). I loved driving the Prius, couldn't tell any difference from a regular gasoline car.

I am having car trouble and spent a huge amount on repairs last week. Unfortunately, though I was having the air conditioner worked on, I ended up with a power steering issue. Tomorrow I'm taking my car back and hopefully the mechanic will fix what he tore up while working on the air conditioner! If not, I'm going to be real angry and have to write about this experience! Stay tuned.

We're supposed to have storms later today, but I think I can get in a quick dog walk if I leave after this post. So without further ado, here's the bridge tour:

The Swann Bridge (my maiden name!)

Approaching the bridge

One of the longest in the state

The Locust Fork of the Warrior River

You can read more about this bridge at this link: Swann Covered Bridge

Horton Mill Bridge

Another view

The creek beneath the bridge

A trail beside the creek

The Easely Bridge

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Riverwatch said...

I absolutely loved your blog and pics of covered bridges. I grew up in Ohio, but now live in the dry west where I have never seen a covered bridge and I miss them!! Thanks for the photography.
I always enjoy other people's photography since that is not one of my talents.
Since you are a writer, you might enjoy my blog: