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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

December Update

I wish I had a valid excuse for not posting more often, but I really don't. I have no desire to hash out some private issues I'm going through right now, so I've resorted to little snippets of my life via Twitter.

I will probably have some news to share within a couple weeks though, about something I've been going through. If I can convince myself there's an incentive in writing about it here, I will.

I always thought, as a writer, you have to be willing to put yourself/beliefs/thoughts/feelings out there and be open to sharing in personal ways that many people aren't. Even in fiction, there is a part of your heart & soul in the characters, story, theme. Until a year or so ago, I continued to openly share via this blog, but gradually I have withdrawn somewhat. Not sure what has caused this, maybe just seeing how the internet has allowed everyone (it seems) to let it all hang out for the world to see. Privacy is now becoming a premium few have any longer. It's one thing to write a personal postal letter or email, and another to blather on at length about the most trivial, inconsequential elements of one's life for the whole world to read.

NOT to say all personal blogs are that way, and in truth, the few writers who can eloquently describe their lives/thoughts/feelings with meaning and significance are a joy to read. Yet for every one good blog, there's about a million that are pure trash complete with bad grammar, poor spelling, etc. Just like reality TV ...too many trashy lives being hailed as entertainment. NOT. And the sad thing is, most people can't tell the difference between a humiliating reality TV program and good drama with theme/characters/meaning.

Enough of this rant though. Suffice to say, I'm going through a re-evaluation about my own writing at this blog. In the meantime, I am writing by hand in a journal, which has rekindled my love of writing in general. I can't explain why that would be so, except to say that when I close the journal I can put it safely away and know that my thoughts are not splashed all over the world for anyone and everyone to read and judge/comment on. Perhaps as I grow older (59 as of Dec. 3rd), I'm becoming a more private person?

For now, I'll close with this excellent video regarding a vegetarian diet being healthy and why we have an epidemic of obesity here in America:

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