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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Flash Fiction Writing Exercise

I love writing challenges -- or exercises. Found this one on the web recently:

Tell a story in fewer than 101 words.

Use these words:

Raggedy Ann
double agent

Here's my story:


The former beauty queen looked peaceful lying on the bed, moonlight drenched. I saw a Raggedy Ann doll propped nearby, Miranda's good luck charm.

Heading out the door, I glanced back at Miranda; she still looked beautiful, except for the single bullet hole between her eyes.

Shrugging, I hurried outside, grabbing a thermos of coffee in the car. My regular job: double agent. I moonlight as a contract killer, love the razzmatazz.

The drive back to Jersey should be uneventful, moonlit roads. Billy, Miranda's husband, would be glad to get my call; old friends deserve a favor now and then.

----Word count: 100

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Anonymous said...

Love this example. You are brilliant!

Thanks for posting.

Kind regards,
Terry Jude Miller