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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Frigid in Dixie

We're not accustomed to this weather...but still? Dismissing school due to temperatures in the teens? Or is it that Alabama vs. Texas in the championship football game is tomorrow night? Or the mere possibility of snow? Who knows.

I DO know it's verrrry cold, and difficult for southerners to adjust to such temperatures. However, I DID take the dogs for a long walk today. The secret? Stay warm by layering and bundling up for the colder weather. Actually enjoyed the walk, and so did the dogs!

Of course, spoiled southern critters demand their own kind of special treatments. Evidence in the pictures below:

Slinky & Bitty have TWO heat lamps in their special quarters; they LOVE it, and though curling up together would generate some "heat" they have never quite reconciled to being the only two female cats left behind of the eight I originally had. In other words, they haven't settled who will be the Queen B!tch at this time -- six months after I lost Princess. Their cat quarters are a totally enclosed porch which has insulation, and lots of windows. I have had up to six cats in that porch; and it's ideal for daytime. At night, the cats come inside and the dogs go to their crate for sleep.

Speaking of dogs, Rambo loves his new sweater but would NOT give up his chew for a photo shoot! LOL

Oscar after walk = one zonked dog!

Bitty Kitty says, "I see dead.....dogs."

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