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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Photo lakeside park walk

Today is absolutely gorgeous -- brilliant sunshine, no wind, a mild 70 degrees. Since I got up early to get that storm-door for the rental house (a REAL bargain!), and did a few other errands, I had a long day for fun.

I took the dogs to the lakeside park, and carried my camera so you can walk along with me. This park has been at the north corner of our city all my life; it's maintained well, and truly a wonderful park for everyone who lives here. DH and I used to take stale bread to feed to the ducks/geese; they are so tame and spoiled, they almost demand a treat nowadays. Recently, a new steel pier was constructed; the old one was wooden and rotting badly.

There is a walking/biking path around the lake, lots of picnic tables in the pines, fishing, paddle boats, snack shack, small train that circles the lake, fun for everyone. I've taken my bike several times since I bought my new Honda Fit Sport, but walk the dogs more frequently there.

I live on the southeast side of our city, but it's a very short drive to the park. All in all, it's just a scenic, central location for citizens to enjoy a little bit of nature and family activities.

Without further ado, here's the photos. (Click on any image for the large version and more detail.)

I usually start our walk on the lower end of the lake dam, since there are no trees and it's a good way to get warmed up! Today the path had a lot of families walking together...

A waterfall for the spill-over from the lake, which runs into a small creek

The small train crossing the dam, lots of children waving and laughing

Now we're on the far side of the lake looking back at the parking lot. Campers and fishermen are in this photo; camping is allowed also.

Now we're into the pines which border the west side of lake and have picnic tables/covered areas for rent

Sitting on a bench in the pines looking across the lake, watching ducks, people in paddle boats

Almost back to the parking lot, this is wide view to get a perspective of how large the lake is and the path. Not sure what the walking/biking path distance is, but it's considerable.

Today I got to "socialize" with strangers, since all the children want to pet the dogs, and all their parents complement the pups on how gorgeous and good-natured they are! When I bike, I wouldn't dare go on a weekend, because the people are too much of a distraction and you can't really get a good workout. But for people watching and minimal social contact, walking the dogs is a fun time.

Storms again tomorrow afternoon/night, then 40s/30s mid-week. The radishes and onions are up, but hopefully there will not be a frost. Mostly cold rain is predicted.

The lawn care guy finally showed up yesterday afternoon, and the yard looks so much better. Definitely needed mowing!

With that I'm outta here -- just don't say I never take you anywhere in pictures! LOL

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