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Friday, October 10, 2008

In times like these

I titled this blog, "Mad, Mad World" and began it when George Bush was elected -- almost 8 years ago. There have been ups and downs, but certainly more DOWNS during Bush's administration than any in my memory and I'm 56.

Nowadays, the title of my blog seems to capture exactly the turmoil in the world -- like standing on shifting sands and holding your breathe to see if you'll sink out of sight, just cease to exist. And yes, I'm a hopeless pessimist, a realist...but despite it all, I believe in human nature to survive at almost all costs.

However, remember the 30s? Anti-heroes were all the rage, Dillinger & company. And those lousy bankers? Well, folks had their own solutions:

Bonnie & Clyde, The Chase (1968 movie)

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