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Monday, July 07, 2008

Always pours when it rains!

Just when you think life is good, peaceful...the sh*t hits the fan!

Not that this post has anything to do with illness/death (yet) but just a random mix of breakdowns and repairs fouling up the works. Such as having to buy/install a new dishwasher for the renters. Then learning the roof is leaking, and learning a new roof will be needed. Fortunately, insurance will cover the roof (except for deductible) on the rental house; it was storm damaged from wind/hail. Still, I almost dread hearing the phone ring since stuff like this seems to come in waves.

The way things are heading with the rental house, I'm going in a financial hole this year. BUT, if there's an upside to it -- upkeep is tax deductible on rental property! Too bad it's not that way for my own house where I live: I've had issues here since the first of the year. Central heat/air unit repaired, all electrical outlets replaced (after nearly having a house fire!), and the commode in my bathroom is probably going to have to be replaced soon.

I should cry: "WOE IS ME."

However, as long as I'm not sick and can afford good medical insurance, I hate to complain. And at least I have savings to cover these problems. Still, at times, I think home ownership sucks!

I do have a plan, though whether oft-made plans go astray...I can't say, since it's been my experience that DOES happen often. Anyway, when I turn 60 I will start getting DH's social security, in addition to the pension and that will more than double my monthly income. At that point, I plan to sell BOTH houses and find a condo which includes maintenance in the price! IF I live to 60, that is.

With the economy in the toilet, gas still rising and no end in sight to the growing problems (which most Americans choose to ignore, though that gas price does BITE!) I don't see any quick fixes to accomplish better times. I'm not sure what kind of life we'll all be living in 3-5 years from now, but I have to say it looks grim (at least for those who care to study some of the predictions).

As for health, I've had either a mild summer cold or severe sinus problems the last few days. I think it's a summer cold, though I'm feeling much better today. A couple days I didn't want to get out of the bed in the morning, felt sleepy all the time -- rare for me! I probably need to have a checkup with my GP, but unless I get worse, probably won't. And if I keep improving, I see no reason to run to the doctor.

I'm outta here for today.

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