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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday update

Maybe I'll have time to write an entry on Sundays. Every other day is busy, hectic -- I worked yesterday. Now I'm writing front page news stories; we're still short one reporter, and I'm filling in. I attended an amateur radio swapfest yesterday morning, and wrote a piece for the front page. I now have two news stories online, as well as my lifestyle articles.

Our Sunday newspaper was HEAVY, THICK...we had a back-to-school special in the Lifestyle, a quarterly magazine senior magazine insert (in which I wrote every article from interviewing several local volunteers) and the usual other newspaper stuff. I'm becoming better and better at writing any kind of article; I've written for the business section and the farm section in addition to my other work. And I've taken several photos, when our photographer was not available. Being versatile is an advantage at any newspaper, because you often wear many hats.

I have three interviews lined up for next week. I'm planning stories for our special health section; it will be about heart health. After DH's heart attack, I learned a lot, so research won't take much effort. And two of the men I'm interviewing were DH's horse buddies, and have struggled with heart problems for years. I was glad they agreed to be interviewed, but it is always better to have local people in the paper than just general info and AP stories.

I have several good ideas I'm working on for future lifestyle articles, and which have already been approved by the new managing editor. If I can get ahead with Lifestyle, it'll make my job easier.

A couple of days next week I have to attend cooking demos and do interviews for a feature next Sunday.

And all that as well as still learning pagination. My job duties keep expanding, but I'd rather be TOO busy at work than not have enough to do.

Otherwise, Saturday afternoons and Sunday are reserved for house-keeping, extensive pet care, maybe some cooking to freeze for the next week. Oh yeah, and laundry/ironing my clothes for the following week. I DO try to sleep in on Sunday morning, a luxury I took for granted till I went to work!

I finally hired someone to mow my yard. I just didn't have time, and absolutely loathed that chore. I may let my renters use the riding mower/weedeater, and make those available to anyone who rents in the future. We're getting rain more often, and that is causing the grass to grow -- which just means MORE lawn-mowing!

I confess I haven't been able to find time to ride my bike lately. I do take the dogs on a walk very late, just before dark, when it has cooled down. However, I've actually lost a couple of pounds (don't eat much), and my knees have improved. I fear the biking was the major cause of the continuing knee problem. Oh well.

With that, I'm outta here for today.

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