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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Premonition, Movie Review

Yesterday I went to see the movie, Premonition with Sandra Bullock. All the previews had captured my interest; anyone who has lost their husband/wife could not help being fascinated by the premise: If you could go back in time, do something/anything different, could you have prevented the death of your loved one?

This is a good movie for widows/widowers -- yet a word of caution. It is confusing at the beginning, and you wonder if you can figure out what the heck is happening. This could have been filmed in a better way, and in a novel, it would have been much easier to understand what the protagonist was thinking/feeling. IF you are recent widow/widower (less than a year) you might want to skip this movie until more time has passed. An older lady (obviously a widow) sitting behind me began crying almost from the start, and cried all through the movie. I didn't cry, but near the end of the movie, I began to feel very...stressed. Almost like I was reliving the trauma of my own husband's death.

All in all, a fairly good movie. Most people who haven't lost a spouse wouldn't get quite the satisfaction of the final answering of something most widows/widowers suffer with the rest of their lives. And since I don't want to give away the ending, I'll leave it at that.

I will say that one of the most important things my doctor ever told me, after DH died, and I was lamenting about not "being there when he died," was when she said, with a shudder, "Be glad you were not there. Those images would never leave your mind, ever." The movie clarifies this in an intense way for widows/widowers that could never be expressed in words.

Otherwise, life here goes on. I've decided to let my next-door neighbor mow my lawn this summer. He mows yards part-time, and can just mow mine when he mows theirs, and his charge is reasonable.

I've also been looking around for a new sofa/loveseat, but can't decide what kind yet. I let my nearly new set go, sold it, and only have an older sofa now, and wicker set. I'll probably get rid of the older sofa/wicker set on Freecyle. If you haven't checked into a Freecycle online group in your area, it's a great idea. You just post what you want to give away, and someone nearly always will come pick it up. I gave away all the many indoor plants left from DH's funeral -- since I had no place inside to keep them -- on Freecycle.

I'm still reading, "How We Die," and have a very long passage I want to post, as soon as I get a chance to type it out. I'll end with this quote about whether there is "intelligent life" in the cosmos by a famous astronomer:

"It’s sort of like your attitude toward mollusks,” he said. “Are you hostile to them? Are you in favor of them? Do you try and support their work? Maybe intelligent life is so common that, aside from people on Phi-2 Orionis making a catalog of all the intelligent critters around, it’s of little consequence.”--Seth Shostak, on search for SETI

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