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Sunday, June 04, 2006

This time next weeek....

I'll hopefully be living in town! At least, I hope so. I made quite a bargain with a local mover who agreed to move ALL my belongings in exchange for the large bedroom suite I had planned to sell. He agreed to move my stuff next Saturday.

Then today the painter/flooring guy said he would definitely have ALL the flooring finished by next weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that he WILL.

But here is the odd thing: Yesterday afternoon I took SIXTY pictures on my digital camera around this place, and NOT ONE of them had any orbs. This leads me to believe that the "orbs" over the past two years were "signs" that my DH was going to die. Maybe I'm just stupidstitious...but it does strike me as extremely ODD. Maybe it's not this place that is the problem, but rather that my DH's time had come to pass over?

My brother-in-law's dad is back in the hospital, and may not live through the next few days.

My mother seems to be on the verge of hospitaliziation for her congestive heart failure -- and who knows IF she will pull through? I'm not optimistic. I sure hope that I am NOT going to lose my husband and my mother within months of each other -- as well as having a major move going on. Those are THREE major stresses of a lifetime and I don't know how I'll survive them all.

But I keep on keeping on...

Here's a few of the recent photos:

Down the dirt road

Bottle Tree Beside Dirt Road

DH Started It, Maybe Too Late To Capture Bad Spirits? Many Southerners Once Believed Bottle Trees Caputured Evil Spirits Before They Could Do Harm

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